Valeria Selezneva
Territorial Manager of KFC restaurants
Our history with the restaurant holding Good Food began in 2016. At that time, there was not a single KFC restaurant on the territory of the Far Eastern Federal District, and the company was actively preparing to open new restaurants.
My career path began with the position of "team member" and after three months I moved to the position of coach-mentor at the KFC "Sedanka" City restaurant. My job was not only to serve guests and prepare meals, but also to train new employees. Working for results, perseverance and involvement allowed me to become a shift manager already in 2017, and six months later I became a deputy director and was transferred to the KFC "Сristall" restaurant.
In 2018, it was planned to open five KFC restaurants in Vladivostok and Khabarovsk, and since one of the main principles of the company is the development of employees, a competitive selection for the position of restaurant director within the company took place.
Having successfully passed all the assessment stages, I started my training for the position of restaurant director. And after the final certification, my let in the flagship KFC "Aleutsky" restaurant began.
My supervisor was Yana Razilova, the Territorial Manager of the KFC restaurant chain, who for many years became a role model for me.
I worked as a restaurant director for only three years. During this period, I have increased the level of competencies with the help of an individual development plan, which is adjusted annually. The development of competencies helped me to achieve high performance indicators, which are evaluated by the company annually as part of the cycle of developing people's abilities. Thanks to the company's focus on employee development, I was able to pass an internal interview for the position of Territorial Manager.
I am very glad that it was here that I achieved everything I dreamed of.
The key to the success of any enterprise is people! I am proud of the company that puts its soul into the team and I know that we have new victories and achievements ahead of us!
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