Combines the best traditions of oriental hospitality and the most modern trends in the interior. This is not just a teahouse: this is the modern East. It is in the "Hlopok" that all gourmets, lovers and connoisseurs will find something for themselves - whether it's a rich lagman, author's cocktails or crispy chebureks, comfortable tapchans or great music.
A special atmosphere with real burgers cooked on the famous Josper grill oven. The atmosphere inspired by the streets of New York, saturated with Rolling Stones melodies, filled with smiles of the team of bartenders and waiters.
A world-famous chain of fast food restaurants. Our chicken according to the original recipe of Harland Sanders "11 herbs and spices" is still considered one of the most famous trade secrets in the food industry. Our Guests can always be sure of the originality of the taste of KFC!
This is a friendly service and the quality of traditional Italian dishes. The real atmosphere of Italy, the traditional cuisine of the Apennine Peninsula.
"IL Patio" holds a leading position in the market and continues to be the standard to which they are equal.
Multi-temperature distribution center of class B+. It has a convenient geographical location inside the city and good transport accessibility.
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+7(423) 230-23-72, add. 7000
Vladivostok, prospekt Krasnogo znameni., 82B, of. 100.